Crowdstarter is video-centric sharing platform designed to get your message to your supporters – in real time.


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Crowdstarter is a micro-contribution platform that uses video-sharing to get your campaign messages to your supporters quickly.

Update your supporters on-the-go with a variety of customization options and 4k video promos.

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Create YOUR movies from start to finish.

For the first time ever, when you fund raise your film project with Crowdstarter you will take your project from idea to distribution.



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How-To Crowdstarter


Upload custom videos from any mobile device. Hit the blue plus to get started! Use your phone’s selfie camera to start your crowd and reach the world.


Contributors can easily support your campaign by simply clicking on your target. From Start to Finish – It’s that easy.


Share across their preferred network to bring your campaign to light! Empower your users. Harness the power of your community.


Move your campaign to the top of the feed by getting as many likes as possible. A talked about campaign is a completed campaign.